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Albertans are tired of the divisive partisanship that has enveloped our province from the left and the right.
While the other parties have spent this election yelling about which one of them is worse, the Alberta Party has
talked about how we’ll build a better Alberta.
We can build a great economy and have a kind society. We don’t have to choose between one and the other.
Our platform demonstrates that truth. It outlines how an Alberta Party government would bring Alberta’s economy back to life, while investing in health, education and other key services that are vital for ensuring a high quality of life for Alberta families.
And it illustrates our commitment to vigorously advance our province’s interests. Now more than ever, Albertans
need someone in their corner who can cut through partisanship, solve problems, and deliver government with fiscal sense and common sense.
With no federal masters, the Alberta Party is only loyal to Albertans. We’re the only party that can say that.
Like most Albertans, when I think about our province’s future, I think about our children. We want them to grow up in an Alberta with plenty of opportunity, and one that’s kind and inclusive, where they can chase their dreams. 
With your support, we can provide a government that offers them, and all Albertans, a brighter future.
Let’s build the next Alberta. Together.

A Balanced Approach

Growing a successful Alberta takes a balanced approach.  The Alberta Party is committed to re-igniting the economy while balancing public, environmental and societal interests.

Mandel Clarifies MMR Stance

Mandel Clarifies Stance on MMR Vaccination

It is beyond dispute that immunization has saved more lives in Canada in the last 50 years than any other single health measure has.

Being vaccinated is the best way to protect against measles, mumps, and rubella, which are serious and in a number of cases fatal diseases.  And beneficially, once a child is immunized they help to protect other children as well.

The triple-jab, three-in-1-needle, combined MMR vaccine was developed to expedite the immunization schedule of children.

The MMR vaccine is given to children as a series of 2 doses.  The first dose is given at 12 months of age and the second dose at 4 to 6 years of age.  And, if a child also needs protection against chickenpox (varicella), the 2nd dose of vaccine is given as the combined measles, mumps, rubella and varicella (MMRV) vaccine.

The leader of the Alberta Party, Stephen Mandel, issued a press release stating that childhood vaccinations must be mandatory.

While there is no dispute that vaccinating a child is life-saving, a controversy arose concerning the use of the combined MMR vaccine to do so.

Some interpreted Mr. Mandel as suggesting that he would make the combined MMR vaccine compulsory, which was not his intention.

Stephen Mandel has since stated that while he wants every child immunized, mothers are free to choose either the three separate injections or the combined MMR vaccine.  ‘The important thing is that every child is immunized, how they do it should be the mother’s choice,’ Stephen Mandel replied when questioned by this author.

Jonathan Dai, Alberta Party candidate for the riding Edmonton-Whitemud, noted after conferring with those concerned with costs to the AHS, stated, ‘I understand that giving the three individual vaccines may cost twice as much as the combined MMR vaccine, but to relieve the stress and anxiety that many mothers have about the combined vaccine, I believe it is worth it’.

‘I also understand,’ Dai stated, ‘that in some countries parents wishing the three injections have to pay, while in others health authorities foot the bill.’
However, Dai admitted the MMR scare has certainly left its mark.  ‘And, as vaccination rates fall, there will be measles outbreaks which no one wants.  If more mothers will immunize their children properly, a slight increase in the cost of saving lives is in all our best interests to bear.’

Alberta Party Candidate Calls for Independent Inquiry into Misuse of Photo Radar Cameras

Alberta Party Candidate Calls for Independent Inquiry into Misuse of Photo Radar Cameras


April 8, 2019 - Edmonton


In general, photo speed cameras are placed in areas of perceived need, accident clusters, to promote traffic safety, based upon an assessment by municipal departments and local law enforcement.


The routine process by which photo radar speed cameras are placed along our streets, roads and highways is incompatible with the recent discovery that to a large extent, the placement of photo radar cameras has had everything to do with raising revenue, but precious little to do with traffic safety.


After the shocking news broke widely in the press, every level of government involved in this potentially scandalous behaviour, including Premier Rachel Notley, has issued a statement that for all practical purposes reads: ‘that there was no collusion’.


Jonathan Dai, Alberta Party candidate for Edmonton-Whitemud, is calling for an independent inquiry into this affair.  Dai stated, “It is evident, that some municipalities have become dependant on the revenue generated by photo radar and have consequently set their budgets based upon annual projections of the photo radar revenue stream”.


Municipalities find photo radar more palatable politically, than having to increase their tax base.


“However, avoiding the reality of an increase in the tax base does not, in any way, justify the use of photo radar as a form of taxation, or as a blatant cash grab.” 


“Individuals made these decisions under the ‘colour of authority’, using the machinery of government to extract nearly 100 million dollars from the citizens of our two largest, albeit cash-challenged cities, Calgary and Edmonton, over the past year, alone.”  A Dai campaign spokesperson commented.


“However, it is also clear that we do not wish to pre-judge the independent inquiry that we are calling for.” Dai remarked, “But at the same time, it is a principle of our way of doing things in this province, that we do not allow those who extract money from Albertans outside of proper and legal means, to keep the proceeds of their wrongdoing.”


“I am calling for an independent inquiry to look into this rather shocking state of affairs, concerning photoradar cameras and the intent of their use and the logic behind their placement.” Dai concluded.


The Alberta Party is committed to improving the lives of Albertans.


For more information, or to arrange an interview:

Jonathan Dai, Alberta Party Candidate forEdmonton-Whitemud:

P: 780721 6183




A Party for All of Us

Human rights are non-negotiable! The Alberta Party is deeply committed to protecting the rights of all Albertans.
In 2019, fiscal responsibility shouldn't come at the cost of electing people who are openly hostile to Alberta's diversity. The Alberta Party will stand up for human rights AND re-ignite for the economy.

A Sustainable Future

A Sustainable Future

The Alberta Party is forward-looking. We know that we must invest in a sustainable future for ALL Albertans. Investing in education will be the key to future prosperity.


Jonathan Dai for Edmonton-Whitemud

Jonathan Dai for Edmonton-Whitemud


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